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Eliana Garcia

Eliana started her interest behind the camera, even when she was involved in the fashion world, when she accompanied her clients in the surprising magazine editorials, made by renowned fashion photographers.
He studied, researched and was completely involved in photography.
Time passed, and then he ventured to have his own look in 2015 with a focus on decoration, starting some work in the USA, and then later venturing into Brazil.
This adventure, which solidified with the identification by customers, and professionals in the area.
Since then, his works have traveled to many homes in Brazil.
It has in itself the commitment to love that surrounds it with discoveries, as a concept that art has no end, that photography goes beyond the revelation of an image. It always seeks to be attentive to surprise the demanding public, eager to consume quality and exclusivity. All works are certified and with limited runs.
Eliana is pleased to take care of the details of each work personally with great affection; care that you do not need to ensure the expectation that the clients who purchase the works deposit on me.

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